26 Stories of Christmas has been a fantastic success and there are still new stories to come through the rest of December. Read more about the project and explore the fantastic stories and illustrations. ...more

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26 founder-director John Simmons has taken the brave and perhaps foolhardy step of setting up a publishing company. It’s called... Read More

26 Treasures needs your help in getting our book published through Unbound. We want to produce an anthology - beautifully designed and illustrated, containing the results – including writing by Lucy Caldwell, Gillian Clarke, Alexander McCall Smith, Paul Muldoon, Bernard McLaverty and Maura Dooley. ...more

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We’re in the last days of the subscription period for 26 Treasures and we’re nearly at our target. But we still need people to sign up to get the book published. So here’s an offer to treasure… ...more

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Valentines Day: Chocolates! Flowers! Snogs! Over-priced candle-lit dinners for two! Rubbish… February 14th sees the launch of Throwaway Lines, the... Read More
Ah, childhood. Happy days… or were they sad? Loved, or maybe loathed? The 26 Treasures of Childhood project is giving writers an unusual opportunity to explore their own early days, as part of a major exhibition at London’s Museum of Childhood. Neil Baker gives us an update on how it’s going. ...more Read More

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