Let's tell each other stories

Once it was Oxford’s main post office and telephone exchange. Now it’s a dilapidated building. Soon it will become the Story Museum, open to the public and celebrating the joy of storytelling.

It’s a wonderful place in prospect for all of us interested in stories, from the youngest to the oldest. In May this year, before any real building work starts, the building will open for an exhibition called “Other Worlds”. Writers and artists, working in more than twenty collaborations, will be turning the future home of the Story Museum into a giant compendium of stories. You can visit Oxford throughout May to experience something very different.

Other Worlds is a development of the Dark Angels programme run by three leading members of 26 – John Simmons, Jamie Jauncey and Stuart Delves. It involves many other members of 26, each of whom has paired up with a visual artist of their choice to create an installation about stories. It will appeal to people of every age because we all love stories. We think you’ll love it. Find out more here
John Simmons

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