Christmas, traditions, stories and the hat…

With Christmas just a couple of months away, it’s time to start thinking about where to be, what to do, what to buy, and – thanks to 26’s first festive project, 26 Stories of Christmas – which object means Christmas to you.

Around the world, different people from different cultures will be celebrating the Christmas period in different ways. And we’d like to learn more about these cultures and traditions.

That’s why we’re challenging 26 writers to write 500-word stories inspired by traditional Christmas objects. But it’s a 26 project – so there has to be a twist. We won’t tell you now though. You’ll need to check the 26 Stories of Christmas website, which we’ll launch in the November newsletter.

If your name came out of the hat and you’re one of our 26 writers for this project, you’ll now be researching and writing (maybe with a mince pie and glass of sherry beside you).

For everyone else, look forward to reading the first story on 1st December. Rob Self-Pierson

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