Probably the best ad for a copywriter in the world

Leeds marketing agency Propaganda is advertising for a new copywriter. And they’re doing it in a very clever way. 26 members will enjoy looking for the hidden and not-so-hidden straplines in this advert. Hopefully someone out there would like to apply too.

  1. Love it.
    I’m a northerner working in London. This makes me proud!
    (And my old art director Karl used to work for Propaganda.)
    Am tempted to apply. Don’t tell Elvis. 😉


    You are passionate about disinformation; gadfly, sparklingly fatuous, tantalisingly borderline, crass yet fleetingly fickle. Gay, girl or goy, you deliver only in spades. If you were married, your wife would be thoroughly sick of you, seeking benefit and the death of all doubt; you are comforted by the bottle, and never the spliff. Pseudo-plagiarist, mendacious, forever thinking. Confident? Decent? Tell me about it!

    You need a writer who can spot the difference between an adjective and an adverb, who creates correctly comma’d multi-clause constructs, and who’s not afraid of the occasional hyphen or two. You definitely need to try harder for your daily bread.

    I sit, without horse, on a wooden chair in front of my PC.

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