26 Flavours of Cornwall: Visitors enjoy a taste of the South West

Today’s the final day of 26 Flavours of Cornwall at the sub-tropical paradise Trebah Garden in deepest Cornwall.

For the past 26 days, families and friends have been popping into Planters Café at Trebah and sampling the fruits of some creative collaboration between 26 and the Cornwall Design Forum.

We paired 26 writers and 26 designers and gave them a Cornish ‘flavour’ each. Then we challenged them to reflect on their tasty treat in words and visuals, as A2 pieces of art and smaller table-settings. The brief was open. We asked them to feel inspired by whatever we gave them.

And the teams responded in ways we could never have imagined.

To read the split personality of cauliflower, the history of hog’s pudding, find out about the huer’s cry for hevva cake, discover the real identity of fudge and enjoy lots more storytelling and design about Cornwall’s finest flavours, go to http://www.26flavours.com You can admire all the pieces and read the stories behind them.

But 26 Flavours of Cornwall doesn’t stop there. You can enjoy the show during Falmouth Week at The Poly in the heart of Falmouth (with tens of thousands of visitors to the town). That’s 6th to 14th July. Then we’ll be displaying the work at the Lander Gallery in Truro for the Cornwall Food & Drink Festival, 23 to 25 September.

And 26 Flavours as an idea? It’s a popular one. Friends have already suggested new flavours from different cities around the country (and some around the world). They all excite us. We just need to work out how to make future exhibitions as flavoursome as 26 Flavours of Cornwall.

If you’d like to know more about the project, or chat to us about the idea and where it might go in future, drop us an email at team@26flavours.com. Or follow us on Twitter at @26Flavours.

Until then, pop down to Cornwall dreckly and enjoy.

Rob Self-Pierson
& The 26 Flavours team – Tom Scott, Daniel Oparison and Phil Gendall

(Thank you to everyone who helped us put 26 Flavours of Cornwall together. That’s the lovely people at Trebah, our very generous sponsors, and all our friends who poured creativity and graft in for the love of the project. We couldn’t have done all this without you.)

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