A book that should market itself

26 member Sarah McCartney has written a new book called Online Marketing in 7 Days: a practical approach for people who can’t avoid it any longer. Here’s what she has to say about it:

“Last year I taught a course on internet marketing at the University of West London, for their part-time entrepreneurial business degree students. I spent a fortune on books, and still didn’t find one that would help the students with what they needed to get their businesses online. So I wrote one. It’s for people who want to get started and don’t know how, but are a bit afraid to ask a web designer in because they think it’ll cost them a fortune. It’s got advice on what thinking and planning to do first so you can avoid spending your hard earned cash on things you don’t need, how to spot SEO charlatans, deciding what to do on your own and when to pay experts, and whether or not to go all out on Twitter and Facebook, or not. It guides you through defining your brand, setting up a simple DIY blog and a website using templates, and naturally it’s got a healthy chunk of advice on how to write well. I wrote it for my mate Mary Linehan, ace PR woman with acute technophobia, but other people are allowed to buy it too.”

So feel free to do so. While you’re at it, you may want to check out Sarah’s regular bloggings at afia.tv/blog And if any other 26 members out there have a book or event to plug, please let us know.

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