26 stories of Christmas. It's nearly here…

What do you get when 26 writers meet 26 illustrators at Christmas time? 26 Stories of Christmas, of course.

Not so long ago, we asked for writers to take part in the first ever 26 Christmas project. We had an idea it’d be a popular one. But nobody realised just how many of you would ask to get involved.

With writers from New Zealand to Scotland and illustrators from London to Cornwall — including students and lecturers from University College Falmouth, Plymouth College of Art and London College of Communication taking part — it’s been exciting us for a while.

Now it’s time to share.

Today, www.26storiesofchristmas.com goes live. From 1st to 26th December, one new short story will appear there a day. Each has been inspired by a Christmas object. But there lies the twist with this project. We asked our 26 writers to choose the object that means Christmas to them. Then we paired them randomly with another writer’s object.

Writers had just two weeks to write their 500-word piece of family fiction.

Once we had all 26 stories in, we briefed our illustrators to create a one-page illustration to work alongside the story. The stories and illustrations are beautiful, moving, funny, curious, brave, silly, deep, dark, festive, fun and so much more.

You only have to wait five days to unwrap your first…

By Sam Gray & Rob Self-Pierson

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