How to turn litter into literature

Another word in your bin by Elise Valmorbida

It’s up and running: Throw Away Lines. A creative writing project where 26 paper scraps got lost, and found, and found again in fiction. Each day from 15th November, for 26 days, a new story is released into the wild.

You’ll meet a two-timing chocaholic, a suicidal beauty, a disappearing grandfather, a dog-biscuit delivery man…

You’ll open magical sensory doors, wince as bones break, and get ideas (perhaps in exchange for wings) if you visit

Add some wonder to your day, every day. Bookmark the page, blog it, tweet it. Today’s one of 26 storytellers beckons.

Hey, should we call this new genre litterature?

Throw Away Lines is a creative writing project led by Andy Hayes, John Simmons and Elise Valmorbida.

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