Fine Cell Work’s 25th anniversary

We’re extremely excited because we’ve had a sneak preview of Threads of Time, the book that celebrates 25 years of the charity Fine Cell Work. The book has been more than two years in the making and it’s finally printed.

Fine Cell Work is holding copies of the book in its vaults and will be sending them out in time for the official publication date of 26 April.

Paper Hiccup 

We built a rather large cushion into the schedule to ensure the book would be printed and delivered on time. There were a few heart-stopping moments, especially when the world developed a sudden shortage of paper before Christmas. But, in the end, our wonderful printers came through and the book was safely proofed, printed, bound and finished by Gomer Press in West Wales.

Illustrious company

Those of you who signed up for this project are in great company. Writers from 26 are being published next to the renowned authors Esther Freud, Isabella Tree, Louis de Bernières and Tracy Chevalier.

The book looks gorgeous, too, thanks to the thoughtful creativity of our designer, David Caines.

If you have contributed to this book in any way, you’re going to be so proud to hold a copy in your hands.

Still time to order a copy

If you’ve already ordered a copy of Threads of Time, you’ll receive it in April. If you haven’t yet ordered a copy, you still have time to stake your claim. Just go to the Fine Cell Work site and order here.

The book will make a fantastic gift for anyone who’s interested in writing, needlework or prison reform. If you’ve contributed to the book, it will make a brilliant calling card for your existing or potential clients. Also, every purchase is a donation (100%) to the charity’s vital work.

A huge thank you

Finally, we want to say a big thank you to all the people who helped make this book happen, including Sue Wilcox for her financial advice, as well as the editors, fragment writers and chapter writers. It has been a massive undertaking and we are so grateful.

The Threads of Time editorial team – Elise Valmorbida, Fiona Thompson, Sue Evans and Wendy Sacks Jones

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