26 Habitats

About 26 Habitats

In 2020, we partnered with The Wildlife Trusts for a project called 26 Wild. Our members wrote about endangered species in the UK and it became clear to us that most of the problems with vulnerable wildlife were caused by human degradation of natural realms and habitats.

So we agreed that habitats should be the focus for 2021’s project. The Wildlife Trusts selected habitats distinctive to the UK and 26 writers visited one of the habitats and penned a poem of exactly 100 words, called a centena, and an essay.

Here are the 13 UK habitats that The Wildlife Trusts chose: coast/beach, deciduous woodland, fenland/peatland, freshwater, gardens, heathland, hedgerows, meadow/unimproved grassland, raised bog/blanket bog, saltmarsh, seagrass meadows, urban greenspaces and wetlands.

Graphic designer and 26 member Lydia Thornley contributed beautiful illustrations for each habitat.

26 Habitats will run throughout September 2021.

About The Wildlife Trusts

The Wildlife Trusts are making the world wilder and helping to ensure that is nature part of everyone’s lives. It is a grassroots movement of 46 charities with more than 850,000 members and 38,000 volunteers. No matter where you are in Britain, there is a Wildlife Trust inspiring people and saving, protecting and standing up for the natural world. With the support of its members, it cares for and restores special places for nature on land and runs marine conservation projects and collects vital data on the state of our seas. Every Wildlife Trust works within its local community to inspire people to create a wilder future – from advising thousands of landowners on how to manage their land to benefit wildlife, to connecting hundreds of thousands of school children with nature every year. 

On supporting 26 Habitats, Kathryn Brown, Director of Climate Action at The Wildlife Trusts, says: “In 2021, the whole world has seen the effects of increasingly extreme weather, on nature and on people. In amongst all of the data, trends and projections, it can be easy to forget the cultural and emotional value the natural environment holds for people, everywhere, and the connection that all humans have with nature. We’ve seen, too, throughout the Covid pandemic how important nature is to people, but also how fragile it is. We mustn’t lose sight of that, alongside what the science is telling us. Through original art and words that tell this equally heartbreaking and inspirational story, ’26 Habitats’ brings all this to the fore beautifully.”

The Wildlife Trusts want to see at least 30% of our land and seas recovering by 2030. Find out how you can help them campaign for that wilder future.

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