The story works

Our storytelling project with D&AD is under way, with the first piece to be published in January. It has been a very popular project among 26ers. Here’s a word from John Simmons on how he turned 12 into 26.

When we invited 26 members to take part in a storytelling project with D&AD, we had only a dozen places available. We wanted people to write about storytelling in many different genres, so that we could explore the subject from many different angles. Well, this proved amazingly popular with members. Soon we were many times oversubscribed.

I went back to D&AD and put it to them that 26 was a much better number than 12 – and so much more on-brand for 26. Plus we had so many good ideas coming from our members. Thankfully D&AD agreed so we were able to include 26 writers on the list of those taking part.

It’s going to be fascinating as we watch it unfold. The word ‘story’ is much bandied about these days – perhaps out of fashion but also because there’s no doubt that the story works. It works much better than the alternatives that find their way into business communications all the time. So this project will do its best to explain why – and why this matters to members of 26 in their everyday writing inside and outside work.

You’ll be able to follow it as new articles by 26 members will be posted every couple of weeks on the D&AD website. We’ll include links in the newsletter. It’s going to be an unmissable series. The first one, by Fiona Thompson, should be up by mid-January.

Thanks to all those who are taking part – and thanks too to those who applied but couldn’t be included because even 26 places were not enough.

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