Wordstock’s secret garden

Elise Valmorbida, one of the trio organising this year’s Wordstock, invites you to an ace Italian caff with quite a nice event attached.

I’m writing from the roof of the Free Word Centre. It’s a great view up here. Not as much of London’s skyline as you’d expect, but an intimate glimpse of nature. In the sheltered space between four sides of office roofery, there’s a classic Italian orto. The sun settles here, the winds are stayed, and the edibles grow. Rows and rows of salad leaves, all kinds. Olive oil cans sprouting tomatoes, all sorts. Herbs, beans, chillies, peppers, zucchini, you name it. This is the secret garden of Marco Arrigo, the executive chef of Wordstock. Oh, and I must give credit to his mother. She is the secret chef behind the chef.

We will be eating these rooftop delicacies and other fine fresh food on 13 October. Lunch will be served in four corners: vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian and carnivore. It’ll be Italian through and through, home-made, delicious and plentiful. Morning tea comes with artisan biscuits from Puglia, and afternoon tea is a spread of just-made scones with jam and whipped cream. The Free Word Centre café will be open all day, just in case you fancy a glass of wine or an Illy espresso.

I am tempted to say that Wordstock is an ace Italian caff, with quite a nice event attached. But, if I can forget about the food for a moment, let me tell you about the rest of the day. Our advert (click on the image above to see a readable version) went into The Guardian, and the words say it all, apart from the names. So here are some names…

Your Wordstock-mongering trio is Sarah McCartney, Ezri Carlebach and Elise Valmorbida. Our keynote speaker is David Bodanis. You can rub shoulders (and biscuits) with specialists such as Frances Anderson, Anne Aylor, , Martin Clarkson, Sharon Duce, Nancy Groves, Andy Hayes, Brian Jenner, Gordon Kerr, Martin Lee, John Mitchinson, Jacob Sam-La Rose, Sara Sheridan, John Simmons, Rhy Williams and about 100 other bright souls.

It’s happening. Saturday, 13 October 2012, at the Free Word Centre, Farringdon Road, London EC1. It’s £62 for a day of delectable food and drink. And some other nourishing stuff besides. Put the date in your diary and get your tickets from eventbrite now, before they sell out at the last minute. PS: no events (apart from lettuce-picking) will take place on the roof.

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