Our newsletter needs you!

We know, we know. When it pops up in your in-box, it brightens the 26th day of each month like a freshly baked iced bun, or the smell of a new bar of soap.

But times change, and people move on. After seven and five years respectively, Jim and Nick have decided to retire their blue pencils and relinquish the joint-editorship of the 26 newsletter. Which means there’s a vacancy (or perhaps two or three) at 26’s virtual editorial offices… in surroundings just as comfortable as your own place of work. In fact, identical in every way.

This hugely prestigious position is unpaid, but represents a great opportunity to get really involved with what’s happening at 26, hone your editing skills, and make an impression on the cream of the business writing community. Where you take the newsletter is up to you… you’ll have an open brief, and can introduce new features and sections as you see fit.

And there’s no need to worry about the technical side of things either, Rachel, our digital and production tzar, will be able to handhold as you get to know the ropes.

If you’re interested in grabbing this life-changing opportunity, please get in touch via newsletter@26.org.uk. But be warned, the competition is bound to be fierce (and probably underhand).

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