May mini-project: A 26 Scrapbook

For our second monthly mini-project, we asked you to send us a single line of writing that never went anywhere – a fragment of poetry or prose that you jotted down in a notebook and never touched again. I then took all your responses, copied them into an anonymous list, printed and cut them out, and sat with my partner arranging them into an order that felt right to us.

Thank you so much for all your entries, and I hope that you enjoyed rediscovering these lost words.

-Max Parfitt, 26’s editor

P.S. I was tempted to cut one to get us down to 26, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to lose any, so here we are – 27 fragments for the 26 Scrapbook.

The images above were taken from:

The front covers of 26 Wild (artwork by Therese Kieran), Saidiya Hartman’s Lose Your Mother, Anne Carson’s If Not, Winter, The London Review of Books’ Diary for 2023 (artwork by Jon McNaught), Nina Mingya Powles’ Magnolia 木蘭, and 26 Trees (artwork by Jenni Wallace) – all of which are well worth a read (even the Diary for 2023, which is interspersed with extracts from Alan Bennett).

The exhibition Impressionists on Paper at the Royal Academy: Armand Guillaumin’s Landscape with Trees and Rocks with Colour Tests (1872), Edgar Degas’ Two Dancers Resting (c.1880), Federico Zandomeneghi’s Study of a Woman from Behind (1890-97), and Degas’ Dancer Seen from Behind (c.1873).

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