Writing resolutions


My writing resolution for 2018 is not to settle for the first idea. I heard a neuroscience lecture last year which said that your brain is wired to take the shortest route to a solution, meaning your first idea is always the most obvious one. So, I’m going to try to come up with as many different options as I can (for both client and creative work) before choosing the best and most unexpected approach.

Jill Hopper


I’ve set myself a goal of a) writing for an hour every day and b) not beating myself up if I miss a day. It helps to drop your quality control a little – it can all be tightened up in the edit. For now, just write.

Kirsten Irving


Despite the almost overwhelming inevitability of failure, I’ve signed up for 28 Plays Later: a challenge to write a play every day in February. Other 26ers may be interested! I’m going skiing mid-Feb, goodness knows how I’ll keep up the writing.

Mike Reed


I am a morning person. My writing resolution is to keep my mornings clear for writing. Get into a realistic routine and stick to it. Mute my phone, answer emails later and focus on that screen for at least a few hours five mornings a week.

And read more novels! The best escapism I know.

Elena Bowes


I’m going to try and carve out the time to write outside of work. I also want to get involved in more creative writing projects. There are a couple on my radar already: Spread the Word’s Life Writing Prize and the 26 Armistice project.

Laura Hunter

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