26 Members’ News: March 2023

I’ve just got through the copy editing stage of my book, Giving Good Feedback, written for the Economist Edge Series published by Profile Books, and under my business name Cheng rather than Kenna. It is now available to pre-order, though it’s not actually available in physical book form until October! The whole publishing experience has been a real insight so far, I can’t get over how long the time scales are that they have to work to! For a taster, here’s the sales pitch:

Feedback is all around us. It’s everywhere you go…

How many times this week have you been asked to like, rate or otherwise comment on products, services, even people? Do you find it easy to decide what to say?

At work, the right kind of feedback delivered at the right time and in the right way can help everyone to learn and improve. On the ground, though, that’s easier said than done.

In this essential guide, Margaret Cheng introduces her Giving Good Feedback Framework to show you how to:

  • master simple techniques that make feedback a more routine – and less emotionally charged – part of work communications;
  • understand what gets in the way, whether you’re giving or receiving it;
  • harness six golden feedback rules to deliver regular, clear and forward-facing feedback that gets real results.

– Margaret Kenna

I recently set up a Substack (IT gone mad!) and have kept it fairly dormant until last week. I wrote a poem about a shocking story I saw in the news about a Ukrainian soldier who was shot unarmed, as he faced his assassins smoking a cigarette. His last words were ‘Glory to Ukraine’. So I recorded it on Garage band and posted the story, audio and poem on my now active Substack.

– Mike Benson

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