Trumpet blowing…

Oompah. Oompah. This is where all you clever 26ers get to talk about the interesting stuff you’re writing. This month we bring you Rob’s town-twinny things, Helen’s PRICEY theatre, Alan’s motorcycling diaries and Paul’s Antarctic death

Twin Town

Or a Briton’s quest to reunite Europe. This spring, I’ll be travelling around mainland Europe, finding out everything I can about town twinning and doing town-twinny things. But this project’s not about me. It’s about about the places I visit and people I meet. And that’s up to you. Send me to meet your twin at Rob Self Pierson

I’m a founder member of the new writer-led theatre company, Agent 160. The company will showcase new work by their members in shows in Cardiff, London and Glasgow in February, including my short piece called PRICEY More details at: Helen Smith

Adventuresome motorcycling
If your wanderlust needs satisfying and you have a preference for two wheels over four, you may get a kick out of The World’s Great Adventure Motorcycle Routes. I was one of a splendid group of adventuresome writers who rode to the four corners of the world so you don’t have to. Alan Whelan.

There’s only one story in the Antarctic, it’s death

Jean Mcneil, the Canadian author spoke of a life changing experience visiting the Antarctic in 2005 at a UCF event. Her resulting novel, The Ice Lovers, is set in 2016 against the background of a worldwide pandemic. A literary treatment of the frozen planet. Read a full interview with her by me, Paul Murphy.

Wolff words
For the past five years I have been recording a series of interviews with leading designers from many disciplines. All are Royal Designers for industry. They go under the title of RDInsights. They range from Sara Fanellie, Thomas Hetherwick and Gerald Scarfe to Paul Smith, Margaret Howell and Dinah Casson. You can find all 28 here.Or just listen to the latest with designer Michael Wolff here. Mike Dempsey.

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