Bring on the trumpets!

Teaching and writing
I teach creative processes at Chelsea College of Art and Design and I write and publish books. See This month I have a new book out called The Breath of Psyche, which retells the story of Cupid and Psyche with over 100 reproductions of paintings with Psyche et el as the subjects.

Next month my friend Amikam Toren is having an exhibitiob at the Anthony Reynolds Galley. I am publishing a book of my automatic texts and his automatic drawings to be launched there on March 20th. To coincide with Design Week next September I am carrying out a sound installation in the Henry Moore courtyard at Chelsea College of Art and Design; it will be based upon a recent book of mine called Rain Forest Reveries. I am also reading on a video by Amikam Toren at the next
Whitechapel Open. Some years nothing happens!!!! Peter Strickland

Poetry and the Vintage Inns

Interesting advertising project that began in November/December and ran through the early part of this year. It was for Vintage Inns and it was my idea to get our (ex-) country’s Patron Poet to write about country pubs. We got Sir Andrew Motion to write some poems. Yes, loads of my poems were used to brief him…can you believe that?! ! The excellent photographer was the award-winning Ben Stockley. Daniel Headey


Cultural Olympiad Poetry

I’ve written a set of four plays called The Seed as part of the Cultural Olympiad. (There’s an online story and a treasure hunt too.) It’s all inspired by a group of Victorian adventurers who risked their lives to bring exotic plants back to a cluster of grand gardens – where the plays will be performed. Tickets and details are here: David Varela


Debut Poetry Publication

Canterbury Laureate, Sarah Salway’s just published debut poetry collection, You Do Not Need Another Self-Help Book, has already achieved great reviews. You can buy it through the publisher’s website –, or listen to a virtual poetry reading starting on 26th February. Find out more at Sarah Salway


Now on Kindle

Last year I wrote and published The Angel of the Stories as a beautiful book. Now I’ve published it on Kindle – surprised by how easy it was and that my liking is Kindled. The novel’s yours for only £1.98 Let me know if you buy, I’ll send you a gift from the printed version. John Simmons


‘So what do you write, novels?’

After a few too many dinner parties where I’ve had to explain what I do for a living, I took to the Guardian careers blog to make the case for business writing as an exciting alternative to the more obvious writing careers out there. My top tip? Join 26! Anelia Varela



Perhaps suffering from my new lack of desk-side company now I’m self-employed, I’ve started a blog. Called Booklish, it’s dedicated to ‘beautiful writing and beautiful books’. It’s on Tumblr, so think of it as a community magazine. Your contributions are most welcome: Neil Ayres

On Fire!My news:

I’ve enjoyed working with Kent Fire and Rescue Service since July 2011. Their operational and office staff, senior and junior, have all wanted to brush up their communication. They felt Lady Justice Hallett’s criticism of emergency service jargon, in her coroner’s summing up for the 7/7 inquest, was pretty unfair. Nigel Grant


A Short History of Africa

A Short History of Africa by Gordon Kerr (on Pocket Essentials) tells the fascinating story of this vibrant and diverse continent from the dawn of time to the Arab Spring, encapsulating its proud history, its resilient peoples and its bitter struggle for self-determination in the face of horrific exploitation that continues even to this day. Gordon Kerr
I recently set up a website called and it’s been live for just over a month. It enables people to list studio space around the world. It’s a response to the more flexible way we’re working today, especially relevant to the creative community. Please visit, pass it on and spread the word. I’d been keen to get your feedback and contributions. Nick Couch


Yeo Valley’s new packs are hitting the shelves, followed by a website in March, with words by me and the lovely team at big fish®. We’ve had such fun coining puntastic new terms like Yeogurt and Yeoganic… neYeologisms galore!

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