Blow those trumpets

You’re a very clever lot aren’t you!




Motorcycle travel and/or Africa

My second African adventure travel book The Black Stars of Ghana has been released in both paperback and Kindle versions. If you like motorcycle travel or Africa, you might enjoy my spirited journey through a terrific West African country. Alan Whelan



Jellyfish Dreams

I am about to sign my first book contract with US Independent Publisher “Temporary Infinity” for a collection of 7 of my short stories, titled “Jellyfish Dreams”. Also hope to self-publish my SciFi comedy novel “Time After Time” in September on Kindle format. It’s going to be a bit radical by having a Spotify playlist linked to the novel, of songs referenced in it. Marc Nash’s Kindle Store Marc Nash




The Nature of Things

I’m publishing a book about narrative in design and the process of finding ones creativity. It’s in English and Chinese, the two texts facing each other on opposite pages. There’s a lot about how language is used in design. The book will be published in November but is already available on kindle in English only. The paper copy will be available in the usual fashion and priced at £7.50 but you can get a lovely discount and pay just £5 from the publishers at: Check out the website too Peter Stickland


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