Spotlight: Tom Lynham

Photo by Matt Stuart

26 co-founder Tom Lynham is better at describing what he’s not, whether it’s ex-woodworker or ex-musician, and add to that ex-26 Company Secretary. Fortunately, he hasn’t added ‘writer’ to his list of exes and is working on another word installation at the Southbank Centre for this summer.

What’s your day job?

Corporate psychotherapist.


What are your private passions?

My surrogate children.


What do people get wrong about you?

My height. They think I am 6’ 3” but I am actually 6’ 2½”


What do you like best about belonging to 26?

My recent retirement as Company Secretary.


As a co-founder of 26 – how would you describe it/us (in 26 words)

26 is a quirky phenomenon. 10 years ago we wondered whether we would even get 26 members. Now we have 400. It’s a triumph of zeitgeist.


What advice would you offer fellow 26ers on earning a living as a writer?

Charge more than you dare.


What’s your best piece of advice for good writing?

If it doesn’t excite you, it won’t excite anyone else.


What’s your favourite typeface?

Gill Sans before lunch. Garamond after.


What are you working on now?

Southbank Centre invited me to do another summer word installation. 21 acres of phrases about neighbourhoods – from Waterloo to Hungerford bridges.


Tell us a secret

It’s hidden in these texts.

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