Spotlight: Sabine Harnau

This month we caught up with 26er Sabine Harnau before she makes an exciting move to the lowlands. We chatted about day jobs, first words, 26 projects and her plans to take 26 to Europe.


Tell us a little about yourself – where are you from and what’s your day job? 

I’m a German expat and bilingual linguist living in Windsor. I dare say the town seems rather popular with Germans and has the best German baker in the Southeast!

My day job is helping purpose-driven businesses woo customers around the world and keep them happy — through writing, training and advice.


Where did your love of words come from? 

#bornthisway #wokeuplikethis

Jokes aside, as a child I was an early talker and late walker (so late that I was checked out by neurologists.)

I could read when I started Kindergarten. Legend has it that ‘Nutella’ was my first word.


How long have you been a member of 26 and why? 

In 2012, I started writing for a living — inhouse. There were no other writers in my team, or even in the building, so I searched for other copywriters online. 26 sounded friendly, diverse and the membership fee was surprisingly low, so I joined straightaway.

Since then, it’s been a quietly important part of my writing life. I’ve made friends and found collaboration partners, stretched my skills for 26 writing projects and learned lots. It was a 26 Trade Secrets workshop in 2017 that sparked the idea for my business, From Scratch. And when things get tough, the 26 community is always there in the background to remind me I’m not alone in this often lonely work.


Have you been involved in any 26 projects? 

Yes, they’re one of my favourite things about 26.

I’ve written for 26 Lies, 26 Prints, 26 Writers in Residence and 26 Memory Maps. For Memory Maps, I even got to edit some of the contributions.


And you’re about to head off to the Netherlands. Exciting why’s that? 



We’re thrilled that you’re going to take 26 there. Why did you decide to do that and what are your plans? 

I thrive in a community of peers. So, I know I’m going to seek out other writers, translators and language lovers in my new home. The question was how I could stay connected to 26 here in the UK. Fortunately, the board liked the idea of a 26 entry into the Dutch lexicon!

What are my plans? Nothing too formal at first. Meet over a pilsje in a pub, get to know each other, advertise 26 writing projects and invite people to join the 26 mothership. I’ll be based at Impact Hub Amsterdam for work, which has great meeting rooms and facilities if we decide to put on some training or other events.


For anyone in the lowlands who’d like to know more, what should they do? 

I’d love to hear from you! Send me an email at, connect over on Twitter (@uanrah) or on LinkedIn.

Tot ziens!



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