Spotlight: Andy Hayes

Every month, we’ll be profiling a different member of 26. November brings Andy Hayes, the rubber gloves and brains behind our latest project, Throwaway Lines.

Day job: Client Services Director, Quietroom (we’re brand language consultants)

Private passion(s): Tottenham Hotspur FC (I’m no longer ashamed of this and have recently come out) and stealing the kids’ Haribo Tangfastics once they’ve gone to bed.

What do people get wrong about you? My height. They think I’m 6′ 7″. In fact I’m only 6′ 5″. The former is freaky, the latter’s just long.

What do you like best about belonging to 26? Feeling part of a creative community – it’s supportive, enlightening and fun. I’ve made some good friends through 26.

What’s your favourite throwaway line? From Catch 22. Brigadier General Dreedle: ‘You’re weird Yossarian’. Yossarian: ‘Thank you, Sir’.

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