26 recommends: August 2023

Colin From Accounts, available on BBC iPlayer, is both gorgeous and hilarious. Adding a disabled dog to the meet-cute premise brings comedy gold. It has huge heart, too. Aussie pride for this one!

– Lauren McMenemy

My recommendations this month: 

Read Dostoevsky’s The Gambler in three sittings. Wow, he’s good.

Also, The Escape Artist, by Jonathan Freedland about the first Jewish escapee from Auschwitz.

‘A brilliant and heart-wrenching book, with universal and timely lessons about the power of information – and misinformation’ — Yuval Noah Harari

Listened to the wonderful Blindboy podcast as often as I can – I’d say it’s a literary musing into mythology, mindfulness and the power of connection.

And Tristan Gooley’s How to Read Water – an immersive read for all water lovers.

Watched Painkiller on Netflix. A heartbreaking story of the Opiod crisis in America, Purdue pharmaceutical’s aggressive marketing of what turned out to be pretty much Heroin in a pill and how regulation failed a nation.

Debate – attended a great discussion about the making of ‘I’m not a Monster’ podcast about Shamima Begum with journalist / podcaster Josh Baker and Hassan Akkad at Wilderness Festival.

Swam in the incredible Bude Sea Pool – splash!

– Mike Benson

I went to see The Effect, Lucy Prebble’s play at the National Theatre, beautifully staged and interesting on topics of love, mental health and consent.

We read The Sound of Being Human by Jude Rogers for book club, which is a must for music fans.

– Francesca Baker

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