26 Recommends

Can’t say enough good things about Barbara Kingsolver’s Demon Copperhead. She is one of my favourite authors but I had been resisting it for reasons I can’t fully explain! But it is an absolute gem of a novel and she deserves all the prizes she’s winning. 

– Lisa Andrews

Earth: BBC 1

I loved the first episode of this, really opened my eyes to the history of the Earth before history. Chris Packham passed his audition as the natural heir to David Attenborough – the ambitious scope and knowledge was breathtaking. What a planet we live on; we might wipe ourselves and much else out but the planet will survive in some extraordinary form. Looking forward to the other episodes.

– John Simmons

Beef on Netflix

This series is about a road rage incident that veers into an out-of-control feud. It’s violent, awful and darkly funny. It’s also a masterclass in how to take stories in unexpected directions. Plus, I’m a bit in love with actor Ali Wong’s octagonal glasses.

The Man Who Came Uptown by George Pelecanos

A crime novel that buzzes with authentic characters and dialogue – maybe not surprising, since the author was a writer on The Wire. The book tells the story of a prisoner whose life is transformed by the reading he does while locked up. I was desperate for him to stay out of trouble when he gets released, but it’s not quite so simple as that…

– Jill Hopper

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