26 Members’ News: May 2023

You’ve been busy this month! 

Lydia Thornley, who first joined 26 by lending her beautiful illustration skills to 26 Habitats, has news:

“For any East Londoners who were interested in my piece Breather for last year’s 26 Inspirations project at the Bloomsbury Festival: on 3 June I’ll be drawing at Cody Dock, where my sketch walk started, as part of its Newham Heritage Month event. More here.”  

Aidan Baker shares some of his latest writing: 

My writing for East Anglia bylines often involves my cycling hobby. I wrote up the bike tour my wife and I made to the Humber Bridge in honour of Lord Noel-Buxton’s 1953 Humber fording, and today rode to a village west of Cambridge chasing a story about a planned busway.

Nicolas Laborie has some exciting news from his artist life:

“I currently have work at the Royal Scottish Academy, which runs until 11 of June as part of their 197 annual exhibitions. The artwork is an original Wet Plate Collodion tintype based on my latest art book Sentiments Deshabilles, inspired by the Language of Flowers. 

“Also, hot off the press, while I am excited to be part of Bloomsbury Festival with 26 again this year, during that time I will also be part of a major exhibition in Nottingham alongside contemporary artists including Mat Collishaw, Yinka Shonibare, Mark Dion, Sunil Gupta, and Ingrid Pollard, to name a few. This exhibition will connect with Isobel Elstob’s forthcoming book Reimag(in)ing the Victorians in Contemporary Art: Britain and Beyond (published by Palgrave Macmillan: 2023).

“Writing-wise, I am currently working on a drabble collection and a historical dual-timeline novel about a found journal telling the story of a photographer saved by a mermaid in 1855, set in Paris, England, and Crimea.”

Mike Garner has published a book, Stories That Matter. You can read more about it in this month’s Meet a Member interview with Mike.  

Alastair Creamer is setting up a new business with Doug Milliken to form Creamer and Milliken

“I am very excited to be setting up a new business with Doug. After 4 years as Creamer & Co, it’s time for a fresh adventure and with Doug’s skills in organisational change and transformation, it’s going to make for a dynamic partnership. For 35 years, Doug was at Clorox in Oakland, California, finishing as VP of Marketing and Digital Transformation. For me, he started as a client, then friend, and now colleague (without losing the friend bit). We’ve gone live this month.

Our expertise and focus remain firmly fixed on Culture. We do two things: we’ll help you think through your culture to understand what’s working and what isn’t. And then we’ll roll up our sleeves and do the transformation work with you. Expect all the usual creativity to nudge you out of your comfort zone.

Our opening move is becoming Certified Consultants for the Barrett Values Centre. This is one of the best tools we’ve seen for starting a dialogue about culture, and understanding what really is driving and motivating your people.”

And from Mugabi Byenkya: 

“I was recently shortlisted for the Inclusive Africa Icon Award 2023 and will be flown out to Nairobi for the Inclusive Africa Conference from the 28th of May to the 1st of June! We will find out the winner of the award at the conference, but I’m so incredibly honoured to be shortlisted and have this opportunity, winning really isn’t important to me. I was also selected to be a panelist for one of the panels at the conference, so I’m super excited! Anyone interested in watching some of the keynotes and panels can register virtually for free, but you can only attend some sessions virtually, not all. Unfortunately the panel I’ll be a part of isn’t included in the virtual sessions, but you can view the schedule and register here.

And I will be a Featured Poet alongside Elizabeth Mcgeown at Rebel Riot Poetry, an inclusive, online poetry night, hosted by George Parker and Charlotte Lunn. There will be an open mic that folks can sign up for and tickets are offered on a sliding scale. Pay it forward tickets are also available for anyone who wants to pay it forward. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come join this wonderful virtual event! More information at the link here.”

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