Meet a Member: Molly Russell

This month, we’re introducing our newest board member. At the age of 26, perhaps this is fate? Regardless, we’re delighted to welcome Molly from Reed Words. 

Tell us a bit about yourself – where are you from and what do you do?

Hello! I’m Molly Russell, a brand writer at copywriting agency Reed Words in Manchester.

Where did your love of words come from?

Probably languages. I used to live in France, and worked on some translation projects while over there. I’m really interested in how words have different meanings to different audiences, even in the same language. 

What made you join 26? And how long have you been a member?

Reed Words has just joined 26 as a corporate member, and I joined as a board member this month too. I’m excited to help shape 26 and get to know the wider writing community. There’s more of us than I first thought!

Have you been involved in any 26 projects?

Not yet. But I’m particularly looking forward to the Bloomsbury festival and 26 Trade Secrets workshops. 

What’s your ideal scenario for writing? (A coffee shop? Quiet retreat? With or without music? What do you do to get yourself in the right frame of mind?)

It depends on the stage. Music and chatter are fine when researching. But for writing, I need peace and quiet. 

What are you working on at the moment?

There always seems to be plenty of projects on the go at once. At the moment, I’m working with an arts organisation in Manchester to develop their messaging. When a brand or business offers so many things, it’s a challenge, albeit a fun one, to figure out how best to describe them. And the fewer words, the better. 

Could you tell us about a piece of writing you’re particularly proud of?

Over the years, I’ve covered all kinds of topics from tech to travel. I love using words to bring to light a story, voice or history that’s previously hidden. I’m proud of the editorial work I did for a book called ‘The Lonely Century’. It was a bonus seeing it in bookshops and on bestseller lists. 

Where do you get your inspiration?

I’m a big fan of short stories. Ironically, I wrote a 15,000 word dissertation on why brevity is best. Sometimes time away from words can help with inspiration too. Whether that’s an art gallery visit, going for a walk, or simply talking about something other than writing. Distance from the laptop (or notepad) is a good way to get creativity flowing, or at least clear writer’s block.

– Interview by Sophie Gordon

If you’d like to feature in a future Meet a Member, or nominate another 26er, drop Sophie a line at Don’t be shy.

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