26 weeks

The coronavirus pandemic has placed us in a unique scenario – one that requires us to change how we do things at an unprecedented pace and scale.

Could we devise a project that would help us all deal with this crisis? Surely if we live in extraordinary times, we need an extraordinary project.

26 is for writers so we clearly need to have writing at the core of our response. But writing also involves observing, listening and talking to others. This suited our feeling that we should not rush to put out hasty solutions. Let us reflect, have conversations, learn – and then, in time, after 26 weeks, after this accelerated period of evolution, the right stories will emerge.But for now and the months ahead let’s see what we can achieve by taking a snapshot, or a rolling series of snapshots.

At the end we will aim to produce a piece, or many pieces, of reflective writing to help us move forward. This might become a book, a permanent website, an event – we don’t yet know because we cannot prejudge, but all options are open. Everything will depend on what you, our members, produce through your conversations. They are the key to this so please think who to approach, set up the conversation, make the notes.

This could be the most important 26 project ever. We’d love as many of our members as possible to take part.

Are you involved in this project?

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