SpinVox's Wishing Well

About six months after it we started talking about it, and six weeks after we started writing wishes for it, the SpinVox Wishing Well is go go go.

It’s lovely, and visiting it last weekend I was struck by the fact that it really was worth the time and effort to get right.

The Well is in the East Piazza of Covent Garden until 5 January, and if you can’t get to London, you can see the wishes at http://spinvoxwishingwell.com. And to make a wish call 020 7818 0880.

It’s an incongruous sight in Covent Garden to begin with, all sleek silver and shimmer instead of traditional stone. People were certainly taking their time to stop, hover, touch it, take a photo.

And then start dialling their wish in. It appeals to the voyeur in all of us. Step inside into the triangular space and you see some of the deepest hopes of people writ large – glib, flippant, deep, heartfelt, profound. And its gently pulsating walls make you feel like you’re at the bottom of real well – but light and permeable instead of dark and foreboding.

There’ve been over 800 wishes cast now, and I’ve had little thrills of recognition when I see some of the 350 or so 26 wishes bubble up. They’ve set the tone very well.

So thanks to all of you for all your wishes – you’ve helped something very special come to life.

Yes, I did wish. And no, I won’t tell you what it was. Or it won’t come true.

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