The copywriting workout

Photo by Angelina Litvin on Unsplash

Copywriting workshop hosted by the Arvon Foundation

Saturday 4 February from 10am – 4.30pm

In this one-day online copywriting workout, Arvon brings together two writing legends from the commercial writing world.

John Simmons and Will Awdry have – through books, workshops, their own hands-on experience – set the standard for writing that is engaging, playful and effective. Their aim with this workout is to get you feeling confident in your writing, fitter to take on any challenges and equipped with new insights to take your writing to a higher level.

In the session, John and Will share notes, debate opinions and show examples of inspirational thinking and writing, complete with critiques, results and explanation. Contributions and opinions will be warmly encouraged via the ‘Chat’ forum. There will be the odd, light-hearted invitation to respond to rapid, but risk-free, challenges. Wrong answers will not exist.

There will also be a special guest session with Rishi Dastidar, copywriter and award-winning poet. All three speakers are well-known to 26, John as a co-founder, Will and Rishi as writers in previous 26 projects.

Not to be missed. Sign up for the day here.

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