Project Updates: Newsletter Mini-Projects and a Musical Call Out

Newsletter Mini-Projects: A Guide to Reading

From next month the newsletter will be trialling a run of mini-projects, inviting responses on themes from the pleasures of re-reading, to your writing waste-paper basket or your relationship with nature. Responses can be one sentence or 200 words, and may come from a dozen people or no-one at all, but rather than the more polished projects that make up a large part of what 26 offers, they will simply be an invite for you to take up as you choose over the month.

In April, as we head towards the summer, the theme will be “A Guide to Reading.” How do you read? When? Where? Tea in hand? Wine? Is your reading for work or pleasure? Let me know, and submit any thoughts you have to by Monday 22nd April.

Photo by Matias North on Unsplash

26 Words and Music: An exploratory call to the musically interested

There have been plenty of project calls recently – John discussed 26 Connections last month, Sophie was looking for interest in a neurodiversity project, and come May I’ll hopefully be looking towards this year’s Wordstock (held in October). In the meantime, I’m looking for some 26ers interested in music (listening to it, writing it) to help shape a project reflecting on and creating music.

It would be a long way away (we’re likely looking towards October 2025) and there are as yet no real plans, but if it is an area that appeals, please get in touch.

Photo by blocks on Unsplash

– Max Parfitt

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