26 Wild in 2021

In a year when our attention turns to Glasgow for the UN Conference on Climate Change, John Simmons shares exciting news of a new project on the horizon with the Wildlife Trusts.

Image by Samuel Crosby

It was one of our most popular and successful projects – 26 Wild. It’s worth taking another look.  It was a project that inspired our writers to research and write about 56 different species that are endangered – some familiar, some less so, but all vulnerable to habitat change and loss brought about by human activity. Some beautiful work was produced by writers championing their animals.

It seemed a shame to leave it there, having improved our awareness of the issues and having increased our desire to do something positive. We had formed such a great working relationship with the Wildlife Trusts that we sounded them out about a new project for 2021. They were enthusiastic – so we’ve had a few conversations to shape a new project for our writers (this time it will be limited to only 26 writers). We’re aware too that COP26, the UN Conference on Climate Change, will be held in Glasgow in November – the name seems to be sending us a message.

We’ll finalise the details and invite writers to apply for the project in mid-March. We know our focus will be on habitats and we want to go even deeper into the issues this time. And we also know that we will need at least three more 26 members to join our core project team alongside Gemma Cantelo, Lisa Andrews and John Simmons.

Could you be one of them? To help with the running of the project as well as the writing. We’d love to hear from you, particularly if you feel you could bring some special skills to the project – technical, design, organisational, communications, social media.

Send an email by 3 March to Richard admin@26.org.uk and we’ll be in touch.

– John Simmons

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