26 Places in Cornwall

The drafts are in, our Crowdfunder is live. It’s time for another update on our latest project.

Photo credit: St Michael’s Mount by Sophie Gordon

“We want to take people off the beaten track to show them aspects of Cornwall they might not otherwise discover,” says Tom Scott, one of the team behind 26 Places in Cornwall. The project is matching writers and photographers to shed light on Cornwall’s richly resonant place names and the stories that lie behind them.

Tom and his co-organiser on the project, Julia Webb-Harvey, have been bowled over by the quality and variety of the writing that’s been coming in.

“We both live in Cornwall and thought we knew it pretty well,” says Julia. “But one of the best things about a project like this is that you make so many unexpected discoveries. Who knew that the luminescent moss that lines an ancient underground chamber in Penwith is known as ‘goblin’s gold’? Or that a cliff on the coast of North Cornwall was once home to the UK’s largest chemical weapons factory?

“Our writers have been uncovering layers of history, myth and language that really do show these 26 places in a different light and make you want to visit – or revisit – them. “

The photographers on the project are taking the writers’ work as inspiration for their own creative responses, and their work will be shown alongside the writing in a show in Cornwall at the beginning of March and a book published at the same time.

If you’d like to pre-order a copy you can do so at the crowdfunder for the project here.

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