26 Flashes – UNSUNG

John Jordan, editor of the latest 26 Flashes, reflects on the project.

For the third installment of 26 Flashes, we turned to music. We all have our favourite songs and musicians that figure heavily in our lives. And especially now, in lockdown or shielding, music can take us away on a mystical ride, either back in time or to someplace we would rather be.

For 26 Flashes – UNSUNG, we asked writers to think of musicians or composers deeply woven in the fabric of their lives that for reasons inexplicable, the world has failed to properly notice. Six writers took up the challenge to right that wrong using three screens and three song titles.

The result?

Great writing paired with some astounding visual work. As you might expect, the answers came back wide and varied. From the delectable rhythms of Senegal’s Orchestra Baobob to ambient pioneers Popul Vuh, and seemingly all points in between, we saw a wide range of artists – and art – presented. You can see all the pieces on 26’s Instagram here.

And to please your ear, enjoy the playlist made from each song highlighted on Spotify or Apple.

Want to get involved in the next 26 Flashes? We’d love for you to do so – the next brief will be along soon, so keep an eye on your inbox for details.

If you have an idea for a 26 Flashes brief or would like to be an editor on a project, please send your ideas to admin@26.org.uk.

– John Jordan

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