26 Treasures of Childhood – the movie

You’ve seen the objects. You’ve read the sestudes. Now get ready to watch the movie. Here’s Sarah Farley to introduce 26 Treasures of Childhood on film.

In December I met up with the lovely Faye Sharpe and Gillian Colhoun to spend a day exploring the Modern British Childhood exhibition at the Museum of Childhood. 26 had asked us to talk to visitors, find out which objects spoke to them and what they thought about the writing on display.

The exhibition explores the changes in British childhood during the 64 tumultuous years between the London Olympic Games of 1948 and 2012. As part of the exhibition, 26 writers wrote 26 sestudes inspired by the objects. 15 young writers also wrote 62 words each with the help of the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing centre in east London.

It turned into a wonderful day of reminiscing. Everyone we met had a story inspired by the objects and writing, which they shared with enthusiasm. We took those stories and wove them into this short film:


The exhibition runs until 14 April 2013. Do go along if you can – I guarantee you’ll find something that sparks a memory for you too.


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