Ross Loveday

Ross Loveday and Eames Fine Art (with Martin Lee)

The Art of the Printable: An exhibition and creative writing session

Self-taught, Ross uses abstraction, texture and natural earth colours, to suggest the unique feel of a place, and to capture a fleeting moment, an essence of the land around him. Ross and Martin guide you through a creative writing session responding to Ross’s atmospheric work. You will also learn something of the printmaker’s art, as Ross will talk about the fascinating process of getting from sketch to finished artwork – the resonances to the art of writing will be striking.

There will also be a small show of Ross’s work, courtesy of Eames Fine Art.

In the winter of 2020, Eames Fine Art collaborated with 26 on a creative writing project, A Common Place, pairing writers with artists. Ross worked with Rob Briggs using his print, The Passing of Shadows, as a starting point: “The men of shadows think in grey / Martyred menhirs dance and glance away.”


Instagram: rosslovedayart

The Passing of Shadows, 2020

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