Jessica Mookherjee

Myth, Magic, and Migration: Writing a changing self

Myth, Magic and Migration: The poet and author of Notes From a Shipwreck and Tigress in conversation with 26’s Sarah Jane Butler.

We’re delighted to announce that the poet Jessica Mookherjee has joined the line-up for Wordstock on Saturday.

Of Bengali origin, brought up in Wales and London, and now living in Kent, Mookherjee has a background in psychology and biological anthropology and socio-ecology, and a fascination with myth and its interactions with a more everyday world. She brings an awareness of people’s senses of selfhood as well as of her own ‘migrations’ to a poetry that deals with myth and nature, movement and change, and the way in which we understand our ‘selves’, our families, and the world around us.

After being highly commended in the 2017 Forward Prizes for her first collection, her book Tigress was shortlisted for the Ledbury Munthe Prize in 2021. Her latest collection, Notes from a Shipwreck, was published in August.

“Freighted with loss, the vessels of Jessica Mookherjee’s questing third collection navigate complex oceans within the self. Here are islands of memory where fantastical transformations take place, where brown feathers sprout from skin, cutlery gossips and a body is ‘made of icebergs and disaster’ … Vigorous and magical as a flask of crisp salt wind.” – John McCullough

“Each poem is a magic box of language: surprising, transforming, and always wonderfully disquieting.” – David Morley


Instagram: jessmookherjee

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