26 Atlantic Crossings

An exhibition of original artwork by 26 Canadian artists in collaboration with 26 writers from the UK and Ireland.

August 22 – 24, 2014.

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Distance often makes the heart grow fonder. When it is the Atlantic Ocean that causes that distance, yearnings for connection frequently surface. 26 members from Prince Edward County Studio Tour and 26.org.uk joined together to see if connections between two minds, two cultures, between the visual and literary arts, could be made. The project was called 26 Atlantic Crossings. 26 Canadian artists were paired with 26 writers from the UK and Ireland. Each artist provided an original piece of artwork and their paired writer, using the theme of Atlantic crossings, responded, gave voice, in exactly 62 words. Why 62? 26, the number of letters in the alphabet, in reflection. A cross fertilisation of creativity ensued. A kind of hybrid vigour arose.


Faye Sharpe
John Simmons
PEC Studio Tour

Wendy Matthews
Joanna McFarland


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