26 Characters

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In this beautifully designed and printed book, 26 children’s literary characters – from Mary Poppins to Merlin – are reimagined by 26 writers and 26 leading illustrators.

This book came about thanks to The Story Museum’s 26 Characters exhibition in Oxford. Writers responded to photographic portraits of some of our best-loved children’s storytellers, including Julia Donaldson and Philip Pullman, transformed as their favourite childhood literary characters. The written response was in the form of a sestude – 62 words exactly. And then illustrators responded to the sestudes. Each writer and illustrator was given a letter of the alphabet as their starting point.

The result is an alphabetical journey into the world of wild things, witches, wizards, monsters and magicians. 26 unique interpretations of the characters we first met as children who continue to inspire us today.

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