The story’s not over – set of ten books


The story’s not over: 56 centenas on endangered wildlife by writers from 26.

This is a set of ten books discount. Ten books for £70.

You can find the single book for £10 page here: https://www.26.org.uk/shop/book/paperback-anthology/the-storys-not-over

You can find the set of three books for £25 page here: https://www.26.org.uk/shop/book/paperback-anthology/the-storys-not-over-set-of-three-books

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Take a moment to think about the wild animals you loved most in your childhood – perhaps through story.

Then think what might have happened to that animal since. Many of our most treasured species, once thriving, are now at risk of disappearing in the UK – often because of human activities and loss of habitat.

A close partnership with The Wildlife Trusts, this project paired 56 writers with 56 endangered species (52 in the UK and 4 from the rest of the world) to explore their disappearing and potential recovery. Each writer has created a 100-word piece (a centena) based around their species and their research. These pieces are shared in this book.

We hope you’ll enjoy exploring our 56 wonderful creatures as much as we did.


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