Dear 26


Dear 26 – 26 writers from around the world pen letters to and from their favourite book characters.

The price of Dear 26 is £15 (+P&P)

If you are a member based in New Zealand and would like a copy of this book, please contact admin@26.org.uk to order instead of purchasing through the website.


Dear 26 is a tribute to the art of letter-writing, bringing together fictional characters in impossible conversations. 26 writers were invited to take part in Dear 26. Each of those writers was randomly assigned a letter from the alphabet. Each then chose two fictional characters whose names (either first or last names) begin with the same letter of the alphabet. Each writer then created a letter from one character to another.

Characters chosen come from novels, plays and poems. The final bundle of Dear 26 letters connects classic and contemporary characters, including Eeyore, Micawber and Frankenstein, Owen Meany and Voldemort. It also traverses countries and centuries, with authors from Murakami to Strout, Sally Rooney to Janet Frame, Conan Doyle to Flaubert. You are in Jane Austen’s Regency ballroom one minute, Hannibal Lecter’s cell the next.

​These extraordinary letters between literary characters were written by 12 writers from NZ and 14 writers from around the world: the UK, USA, Eire, Northern Ireland, India, The Czech Republic, and Switzerland.

You can start reading Dear 26 on any page, or you can diligently wend your way from A to Z. Either way, you’ll find a surprise on every page.


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