The Bard & Co: Shakespeare’s Role in Modern Business


by Jim Davies (Editor), John Simmons (Editor), Rob Williams (Editor)
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Shakespeare was a successful businessman, as well as an actor. “Henry V” is already used as a model for understanding business ethics, but what else can the greatest playwright in history teach the modern businessperson to help them perform their role better? “Acting the Part” will contain 26 chapters written by 26 writers, exploring the relevance of Shakespeare in business life. Each writer will be assigned one of Shakespeare’s plays or Sonnets – including “King Lear”, “The Tempest”, “Richard III”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Othello”, “Macbeth”, “Comedy of Errors”, “Timon of Athens” – to examine, contemplate on and draw out lessons and inspirations for business managers, communicators and leaders today. Shakespeare’s relevance to life in general has been the subject of wide debate for centuries. This fascinating book provides a new perspective on Shakespeare’s influence on modern business.

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