26 Malts: Some Joy Ride


by Stuart Delves (Editor), Jamie Jauncey (Editor), Damian Mullan (Editor)
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An elegant, full-colour book that details a fascinating commercial/design project based around 26 malt whiskies. This book provides a vivid and fascinating insight into a unique commercial design project, which will be of interest to anyone in design, copywriting and packaging; and contains four-colour photographs of the stunning lables produced by the project. “26 Malts” is being featured as an event in the both the Edinburgh Festival and the London Design Festival in 2005. Its feature and review coverage expected in design, advertising, marketing and branding publications, as well as in culture sections in national newspapers. What happens when you throw 26 writers together with 26 designers and give them carte blanche to create identities for 26 malt whiskies? “26 Malts” tells the fascinating story of how 52 writers and designers tore up the rule book to create the labels and identities for 26 of the Scotch Malt Whisky Society’s finest single cask malt whiskies. The book contains full colour plates of these stunning labels that defy all the conventions of whisky packaging and language.

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