26 Letters: Illuminating the Alphabet


by Freda Sack (Author), John Simmons (Author), Tim Rich (Author)
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What thoughts, feelings and treasures lie behind the letters of the alphabet, one of the most widely used tools of communication for the past centuries?

In this beautifully designed and produced book, twenty-six commercial writers and twenty-six of the UK’s leading graphic designers team up in pairs to to create fresh, imaginative and inspirational written and visual interpretations of the alphabet.

Each team was given a letter of the alphabet to explore in the form of a graphic poster and words. The book also includes diary entries about the creative process from each team. The result is a fascinating, original and multidimensional interpretation of the alphabet, produced by people who have had a close association with letters for most of their lives.

26 Letters: Illuminating the Alphabet is the product of a unique and exciting collaboration between writing and language group 26, the ISTD, the British Library and Cyan Books as part of the London Design Festival, that will help inspire writers, artists, children, students and the public to look again at how we can use, enjoy and learn from writing and design.

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