The Bookshop

Welcome to the bookshop page of 26. Our projects are always alive in the present moment, but this is the part of the site where we celebrate the projects we’ve done before. We’re delighted and proud to have created a rich, expanding back catalogue of books that create a permanent record of previous collaborations.

The books listed below are still very recent and are for sale at their full price. But we also still have stock available for some of our older projects. Because we love the idea of these wonderful projects still being read and appreciated, we offer all the older titles to members at a standard price of £2.50 plus P&P. If you click on the title, the total price is shown and you can add it to your basket. In the store archive, there are some older titles that don’t have a price – these are ones for which we don’t have stock left but still want to remember projects past. Clicking on the title will take you to more information on that project.

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