Wordstock, our annual festival of words, is a one-day celebration of ideas, language, creative nonsense, book swaps and short sharp workshops. You can navigate the day as you please, choosing literal stuff to help you at work, or lateral stuff to unleash your creative spirit. Or both. In between, there’s loads of food and friendliness.

Our theme in 2014 (Wordstock’s fourth year) was FUTURES. The programme featured Alex Garland, Adrian Hon and the History of the Future in 100 Objects, Andy Serkis on the future of cinema and TV CGI, adventures with a lost Nick Drake recording, storytelling for children, performance poetry, copywriting, and plenty more to put a bounce into your crystal ball.

Past guest speakers include David Bodanis (biography of e=mc2), Kate Mosse (bestselling novelist and founder of Orange Prize), and David Parfitt (Oscar-winning producer of Shakespeare in Love, Madness of King George)…

Wordstock 2016 footage

Wordstock 2012 footage

Partner: The Free Word Centre

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