Dear 26

In the best stories, the characters are as real to us as our closest friends and relatives. Real enough to write a letter to another character in a completely different book.

Dear 26 Logo

26 writers were invited to take part in Dear 26. Each of those 26 writers was randomly assigned a letter from the alphabet. They each then chose two fictional characters whose names (either first or last names) begin with the same letter of the alphabet. Each writer then created and crafted a letter from one character to another.

Characters chosen came from from novels, plays and poems, and the texts are not necessarily contemporaneous in time, although some are. Thus, if Zaphod Beeblebrox needed to write to Zorro, he could.

The result is 26 extraordinary letters between literary characters, written by 12 writers from NZ and 14 writers from around the world: the UK, USA, Eire, Northern Ireland, India, The Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Australia.

You can read every single one of them by clicking on the link below:

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