26 Twits

It’s Dahlicious

On the 13th of September this year, Roald Dahl would have celebrated his centenary. 26 decided to join in the celebrations with a project that combines Dahl’s wicked way with words, his extraordinary cast of characters and his constant illustrations’ companion – Quentin Blake. We called it 26 Twits, and invited 26 writers to come along for the ride.

We asked our intrepid 26 Twits (and two bonus Twits for good measure) to choose a Roald Dahl’s children’s character, to write a 100 word piece on; from the starring roles to the unsung heroes. Each writer chose a young illustrator to join them on the journey, and many also worked with schools and communities to engage and inspire other children with Dahl’s tales.

From the 4th of August we will be releasing a 100 word piece from one of our writers, as well as their young illustrator’s artwork. Each piece contains a dahlicious new word of the author’s own invention, and on the 13th of September we will release all the words created as well as their meanings while we toast Dahl at the Free Word Centre.

So please take a look at 26 Twits, with writers from 26 in collaboration with junior artists.

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