26 Stories of Christmas

26 Stories of Christmas is an occasional project that started in 2011 as an online advent calendar. Design students illustrated 26 original Christmas stories. The stories and pictures were revealed online at the rate of one a day – just like a traditional advent calendar. In 2013 the project raised money for children’s cancer charities, the Teenage Cancer Trust and It’s Good 2 Give. The advent calendar that year featured illustrations by children helped by those charities alongside 26 sestudes by our writers. In 2015, still supporting a children’s charity, it developed further into an exhibition titled 26 Children’s Winters at the Museum of Childhood in Edinburgh, running from November 2015 to March 2016. The 2015 online advent calendar featured sestudes inspired by objects in the exhibition. In addition the museum ran a workshop and events programme to engage the public in the project.

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