26 Seconds

A unique event, at Sanctum Soho on 22 September 2010, features the products of a new challenge for 26 – to get into the movie business. We needed a little help from some friends with cameras and tripods (ok, and some other kit too), and the result is a great little collection of moving, thought-provoking, challenging, fascinating and groovy films – all just 26 seconds in length.

26seconds is a collaboration between writers from 26, and film-makers who come under the umbrella of the International Visual Communications Association (IVCA). This is a new combination of talents, but also forms part of our long-standing connection with the London Design Festival.

Members of 26 and IVCA paired up to create a 26-second film on a subject of their choice, with the broad aim of influencing attitudes or changing behaviour. It could be anything from a minor annoyance to a personal obsession to a major international debate, and make use of techniques spanning animation, CGI, documentary, drama.

The projects have been both technically stunning and incredibly diverse, with films about everything from the origins of life to the threat of extinction, and from bee migration to how fashion can sexualise children.

Child’s Play End of the Line Suburbeea Objects of Affection Uruguay vs. Ghana
Message Fatigue Long Days In the Beginning The Space Between Us Trust Me I’m a Doctor

The project provides further proof that an apparent limitation can be a great creative incentive. And with the flourishing of the 26/IVCA collaboration, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship (as Rick so famously put it in Casablanca…).

Media enquiries: Please contact Ben Afia (26) ben@afia.tv or Marco Forgione (IVCA)marco@ivca.org

Watch an introduction to the 26 Seconds event here.


Objects of affection
What object brings someone close to you even closer?

As part of the 26 Seconds project, we asked some friends and colleagues to share their objects of affection with us. You can see these additional films athttp://vimeo.com/user4690983/videos

If you have an object that brings someone close to you even closer and you’d like to share it with us, you can do that in one of two ways.

Email: write the story and send it to toby@creamerandlloyd.com. If you have a photo of the object to accompany your story that would be even better.

Film: best of all would be to film you handling the object in question and describing the person and the story behind it. You can upload your films tohttp://dropbox.yousendit.com/CreamerandLloyd.

We hope you really enjoy the stories.

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