26 Miles

What’s it all about?

26 Miles is a project from 26, the writers’ collective. 26 writers were asked to team up with a friend and walk one specific mile on the route of the London Marathon. A 27th writer got lucky and strolled the last 350-odd yards. They were all told to dig around for a story, compose a poem, or simply report what they saw. Some hooked up with photographers and filmmakers. Others chose illustrators and sound engineers. Most had fun. All made it over the finishing line.

You can see the results of their work by clicking on each mile marker on the route map above. They’ll be published a mile at a time on weekdays from Thursday 14th March to Friday 19th April. A few will be at this year’s race on Sunday 21st April, not running, but writing about the day and adding post-scripts to their pieces.

Andy Hayes

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